While recognising that parents are the first educators of their children in faith, Religious Education in the Primary years enables young people to see and respond to God in their lives. Children are invited to reflect on Sacred Scripture, talk with God through prayer, discover the beauty of God's creation and explore the meaning of symbols and rituals. Above all other things, this is the time when students come to know how much God loves them and when they are drawn into a love of God and others

Major importance is given to Religious Education (R.E.) at St Joseph’s School and it is taught daily. The programme used in the classroom is “To Know, Worship and Love” and is supplemented with other R.E. resources and liturgical celebrations.

Prayer occurs in all classrooms at the beginning and end of each school day, before and after lunch and on other appropriate occasions.  On Wednesdays, children participate in the Eucharist Celebration at the Parish Church.

The Catholic children will, in close consultation with the Parish Priest and parents, be prepared for the Sacrament of Reconciliation in Year 2, the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist in Year 3 and the Sacrament of Confirmation in Year 6.

Parental involvement and support for these programmes are expected and essential.

Non-Catholic students participate in class lessons and support their classmates in the reception of the sacraments.

There are many opportunities throughout the year for all students and their families to attend liturgical celebrations and students attend Mass on selected occasions.